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Grojogan Sewu Monkey Forest

Welcome to the Grojogan Sewu Monkey Forest. We are located in Tawang Manggu, about an hour east of Solo in Central Java. Come explore the magic of our tropical paradise, teeming with beautiful long-tailed macaques.
Monkey populations are dwindling throughout Java and Indonesia. You can help by visiting our facilities, telling your friends about us, and by actively lobbying against the illegal monkey trade in Indonesia.
There is also a gorgeous waterfall within the park (the highest in java) as well as a soothing, spring-fed swimming pool. There is a path leading to the Candi Sukuh Temple as well, a fascinating historical relic and an example of Javanese architecture at its most intriguing.
You can also support this wonderful preserve by staying in Hotel Duta, owned by the park and located just a short walk  away from it. Huge rooms are an incredible value starting at around $4 US per night.
Please also support the International Primate protection leaugue, who champion the cause of our magnificent primates throughout the world, at .
Please keep checking back with us. More lovely pictures of both Grojogan Sewu and the surrounding areas will be added shortly. This site is constantly being developed and updated.
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